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Webbing Three Kinds Of Technology Know How Much
May 18, 2017

How to know the three kinds of weaving technology of ribbon

I. Woven (woven)

Webbing Jingwei Interwoven. After twisting the yarn through the whole warp to make a cheese (pan head), the weft shakes into the cops, weaving the ribbon on the loom. 30 the 1980s, for hand-pulling wooden weaving machine, iron-wood weaving ribbon. 60 The early 1990s, with 1511 loom converted into webbing machine, is still widely used. Because the belt width is small, weaving way is not the same, there is a single, double, dozens of of unequal, there is one-tier, there are two-layer.

1967, the industry to workers as the main body of the shuttle-free research group, successfully designed and manufactured a high-speed single shuttle-free weaving machine, the realization of the Ribbon without shuttle, and shorten the process, small footprint, labor productivity enhancement, is China's weaving process history of pioneering work.

Webbing 70, because of the belt continuous dyeing ironing machine promotion, colored ribbon processing, by the first dyed after the traditional weaving process, the development of first woven after dyeing, first weaving after bleaching, the finishing process of continuous, ribbon technology into the ranks of mechanized production. 80 The early 1990s, the industry introduced Switzerland, Italy, the federal German high-speed shuttle-free weaving machine, ironing machine, wrapped wire, warping machine, ribbon technology into a new stage of development.

Webbing Weaving technology progress, bring about the upgrading of products. 1979, the first generation of SD9-9-type rubber ingots in China had succeeded, so that the rubber ingot product ended relying on imports. 1980, also developed a SD-81A, B-type rubber ingots, with soft, light, thin, prison, small elongation, impact small, short and flat joints. Early 1990, the car seat belts for Santana were successfully manufactured. After more than two years to carry out research, organizing trial, product quality to meet QC49-92 and TL-VW470 standards.

2. Weaving (ingots)

Webbing Yarn Meridian Drum, winding weft formation of the tube, inserted in the Knitting machine fixed rack, the weft tube along the 8-shaped orbit rotation movement, with traction yarn cross knitting. Usually the number of spindles is even, woven belts for tubular, spindle number is odd, woven belts for flat flake. Weaving process in the old China began to apply, the number of spindles because of different equipment, generally 9~100 ingots unequal, weaving the basic process of: bleaching and dyeing-winding-weaving-down machine-cut-packaging. 1960, the weaving machine has been repeatedly technological innovations, mainly in the diameter of peach plate amplification, installed broken rubber automatic parking device, iron ingots to nylon spindles. The improvement of these equipment makes the speed increase to the 160~190 turn/cent, the stands rate increases 1 time times, the product quality greatly improves.

Webbing Weaving not only can be woven ribbon, but also woven rope. Tubular Ribbon is a braided rope, diameter 1~4 cm rope or rope line, the diameter of more than 4 cm called rope, in diameter more than 40 cm commonly known as cable or cable. 1989, the industry introduced the Japanese cable production line equipment, production of pp-eight-legged cable, the product won the national silver.

3. Knitting

Webbing In the 70 's, knitting warp knitting and weft knitting technology has been widely used in webbing. 1973, the trial-produced successful knitting nylon width tight belt. 1982, the introduction of Italian hook knitting machine, advanced technology, the production of a wide variety, specially adapted to the thin decorative ribbon fabrics, such as lace, elastic bands, screens, decorative bands and so on. The basic process is: bleaching and dyeing-winding-weaving-ironing-packaging.

70 the 1980s, the Fire water belt pipe billet woven with flat knitting machine, the diameter of large deformation, low output. 

Webbing In the second half of 1974, the industry organizes the development group of Tube billet weaving, according to the principle of knitting, using Jingwei woven, relying on the circle yarn in the process, using the circular cylinder and the subsidence arc, the warp and weft yarn is not interwoven into a whole, and become lined with tubular knitted fabrics, products coated pipe and high-pressure fire water belt production technology ranks the crown.