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Webbing Shearing Equipment
Aug 10, 2017

              Ribbon of the application of a wide range of ribbon processing equipment also requires a high degree of automation, the effect requires exquisite, traditional ribbon shearing is the use of cold shear, the principle of thermal shearing, cutting effect has burrs, loose edges, cut uneven or appear yellowing, hair coke situation. In order to improve this situation, the use of ultrasonic principle shear ribbon, can be fully automatic shearing, ultrasonic sealing, not yellowing, hair coke, to achieve the desired effect. Ribbon shearing main equipment are: Fully automatic ribbon shearing machine, fully automatic ribbon punching shearing machine, semi-automatic ribbon shearing machine, is the use of ultrasonic principle to complete the ribbon cut.Webbing

              Ribbon shearing usually takes two methods: one is hand cut, the other is machine shearing. Manual general use heating wire cutting or blade cut off the method, the two cutting belt process equipment investment is low, but the labor cost is very high, in addition, the use of hot wire cutting will produce a lot of smoke; Blade cut off the traces of smoke and scorch. But can not be effective sealing will appear loose mouth (that is, the edge) phenomenon.Webbing

              The use of automatic cutting machine shear: Cutting belt machine is divided into hot belt machine, cold cutting belt machine and ultrasonic cutting machine. Automatic Ultrasonic ribbon Shearing Machine Working principle: Fully automatic ribbon shearing machine is the use of ultrasonic welding technology and traditional shearing combination, in the ultrasonic generator work, the ultrasonic energy through the ultrasonic transducer to the welding head and with the knife mold to produce severe vibration friction, so as to achieve shearing effect, so that shearing products have a more beautiful, firmer, more efficient production efficiency and faster advantages.Webbing