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Webbing Continuous Dyeing Should Pay Attention To What Are The Main Things?
Jun 16, 2017

    Continuous pad dyeing has become the most popular and efficient ribbon dyeing process. So, ribbon dyeing should pay attention to what matters?Webbing

    1. Ribbon original blank factor Ribbon original blank first to pay attention to whether the yarn is the same batch, because the different batches of yarn containing "oil" situation is not the same, such as blended, then it will become the color of the dyeing process factors; Whether the raw blank is pre-treated, and the finishing process is very good, because the "oil" on the yarn after the treatment is removed from the dye and can be directly contacted with the fiber, without protection.Webbing

    2. Dyed (or rolling, dyeing machine, dyeing machine) roller pressure on both sides of the size of the uniform factors of the ribbon continuous hot-melt dyeing machine rolling mill generally use pneumatic pressure, roll on each side of a cylinder. When the rolling car running for some time, due to the role of water in the compressed air, the cylinder at both ends of the pressure will produce differences, resulting in uneven belt with uneven, resulting in the edge of the color. In addition, the rolling of the roller at both ends of the pressure, resulting in a certain deflection, resulting in the edge of the rolling margin is inconsistent, will also cause left center color.Webbing

    3. The size and concentricity of the dyed roll, the hardness factor in the production, want to roll pressure on the left and right to minimize the impact of color, then the ribbon when the general roll pressure should be controlled at more than 0. 2MPa. In the production process due to the wear of the roll, the roller is required to be calibrated on a regular basis to repair, otherwise it is easy due to the roll does not appear in the heart of the inconsistency caused by color. Different hardness of the roll of the rolling margin is not the same, too hard may lead to inadequate absorption of dyes, too soft may lead to too much rolling rate led to a large number of dyes to produce color swim, how much hardness should be determined according to the strip.Webbing

    4. Infrared pre-baking temperature on the impact of the ribbon after the pre-treatment and padding process, before entering the color box before the general through the infrared (line) pre-bake treatment to prevent the dyes in the drying process Move the phenomenon, to avoid color and positive and negative color and other defects. When the infrared pre-bake temperature is lower than 80 ℃, the ribbon is very large and bad color, it is difficult to meet customer requirements. When the infrared pre-bake temperature of 100 ℃ or more, the ribbon of the positive and negative color phenomenon is greatly improved. This is due to pre-bake to 100 ℃ or more, the ribbon of the basic evaporation of water, greatly reducing the possibility of dye swim. Combined with the consideration of dyeing production practice and energy consumption, infrared pre-bake temperature control in the 100 ℃ -150 ℃ is more appropriate. Production generally based on the thickness of the billet varieties and with the liquid rate may be, with the higher the belt with the higher liquid, the higher the pre-baking temperature of the infrared. The actual production, can not just rely on the infrared pre-bake temperature to control the ribbon dyeing positive and negative color, especially coffee, dark green and other sensitive color, must use anti-swim agent and other additives used in order to achieve good dyeing effect.Webbing

    5. Baking oven fixing temperature on the color of the baking color is an important part of continuous hot melt dyeing, baking oven fixing temperature uniformity of the control of the left and right center of the ribbon play a key role. Polyester web pre-baked through the infrared and then into the baking oven, the need to ensure that the same temperature, otherwise it will produce significant color. The results show that the difference between the left and right temperature of the baking oven is more than 2 ℃, and the color of the ribbon is obviously changed. Therefore, the dyeing production must ensure that the baking oven temperature uniformity.Webbing

    6. The moisture content of the ribbon on the left center of the impact of color polyester filament spinning process will add a certain amount of oil, so before dyeing to go through the oil treatment. Ribbon dyeing before the general treatment of drying, and drying cylinder surface temperature unevenness will cause the billet moisture content difference, serious will cause the left and right center of the ribbon color. In the dyeing production process, in order to avoid the billet moisture content caused by the difference between the left and right, we must ensure that the billet in the dip before the dye thoroughly dried, and the drying drum for regular maintenance.Webbing