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The Use Of Hook And Loop
Jun 06, 2017

    Shackle (main lock) nail different shapes, sizes and locking system, each shape has a corresponding purpose. Symmetrical shackle, used to connect pulleys or other tools.Hook And Loop

    An asymmetrical shackle for connection with a seat belt or at the end of the cable. Pear-shaped shackles, used to place a few ropes, sling, or any tool to facilitate the use of Munter knot.Hook And Loop

1.1 O-shaped hook and loop: symmetrical shape, the use of very wide, very popular.

1.2 D-shaped hook ring: o-shaped hook ring is strong, suitable for general purposes.

1.3 Bend Hooks: Bend Hooks must be easily flipped with the straps and are generally used for difficult climbing lines.

1.4 wire gate shackle: lighter weight, opening stable.Hook And Loop

1.5 with a lock hook: the opening end with a locking sleeve can be tightened to reduce the possibility of opening the door accidentally, to increase security. Also divided into automatic lock and manual lock hook ring two.

1.6 pear-shaped nail lock hook and loop: particularly long in the open end, more suitable for Italy to ensure that the use of half-buck and use in the connection rope and seat belt.Hook And Loop

    Shackle use, should ensure that the hook and loop longitudinal force, especially the open end of the blood is not blood.

Crochet hooks in the buckle when the screws can lock the lock in the closed state, to avoid the risk of accidentally open. Ordinary hook and loop without a screw device, light weight, easy to operate, can be used for temporary protection points, if the use of ordinary fishing ring for fixed protection, to follow the double hook and ring and the use of the principle of open c hook ring longitudinal tensile force greater than Horizontal tensile strength, hook and loop doors open, the vertical tensile strength will be reduced. Hook and loop door is the weakest link, not directly force. The correct method of use is to keep the hook and loop doors closed for longitudinal force.Hook And Loop

    To avoid high-altitude drop or hard objects caused by internal cracks caused by the hook and ring void. Pioneer climbing, etc. may occur in the case of falling, the climbers should be directly connected to the main rope and seat belts, hook rings can not be used as an intermediate link. UIAA or CE certified shackles should be used without the use of unidentified shackles. Hook And Loop

    The dirty shackles can be dropped on the hub using solvents or lubricants, and then the hooks are repeatedly switched on until the operation is smooth, then the fishing ring is immersed in boiling water for about 20 seconds to remove the cleaning agent.