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The Tension And Characteristics Of The Hook And Loop
Sep 28, 2017

Most of the initial tension is due to the tension spring winding. This is an internal force that keeps the coil tightly together. Measure the initial force, just start the coil separation. A tension spring with a compression spring, which has a zero load at zero deflection and can have a prelude at zero deflection.Hook And Loop

At this time the load, called the initial tension, can be changed within a certain range, reducing the increase in elasticity index. There is stress within the range, there can be no problem holding any spring index. If the designer needs no initial tension, he should design the space between the spring tension spring and the coil.Hook And Loop

With the compression spring, the tensile spring is stopped because there is no fixed tension, so a length limit is required to prevent overloading. Due to this design the stress level is lower than the compression ratio of the tension spring. A special type of tension spring is called a rod spring, and it has a solid stopper that is a compression spring with a special hook type.Hook And Loop

The disadvantage is the weight, increase the load of the climbers, can not carry a lot. Later, this type of shackles are gradually replaced by aluminum alloy hook and loop, aluminum hook hook light and strong, and some manufacturers are better than aluminum alloy titanium hook and shackles. Shackle is the most widely used, but the most indispensable and alternative equipment, climbing the main purpose of the hook ring is to connect the climbing rope and the middle of the fulcrum used.

Climbing in the climb can replace many complicated and cumbersome knots.Hook And Loop

 Such as safety harness, riser, descender and many other climbing equipment combination and use must be linked by shackles. In the adventure and climbing the rock when the hook is a safe guarantee, also known as security buckle. When climbing, make sure that the main rope is connected to the middle fulcrum by means of a shackle, and that any of the shackles must be able to withstand the impact of the sudden fall of the climber.Hook And Loop