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The Material Of Elastic Buys
Aug 21, 2017

      Elastic tape materials are generally composed of rubber, polyester, glue, elastic fiber and so on. General use of synthetic rubber: cis-1, 4-polybutadiene Rubber, cis-1, 4-polybutadiene rubber. According to the different weaving methods can be divided into the following: Woven elastic band: cotton or chemical fiber for warp, weft, and a group of rubber wire (latex wire or spandex silk) in accordance with a certain pattern of interwoven. Knitted elastic band: Using warp Knitting weft knitting method. The warp in the hook needle or the role of the tongue needle, the sleeve into a chain, the line of latitude in the chain, the dispersed root of the chain connected to the tape, rubber wire by the chain, or by two sets of parallels.Elastic
     Knitted elastic band can weave a variety of small patterns, color bars and crescent edge, texture loose soft, most of the raw materials used nylon stretch, products are mostly used in women's bras and underwear. Braided Elastic Band: Also known as spindle elastic Band, warp through the spindle around the rubber wire according to the "8" zigzag track weaving. With body lines are herringbone, the bandwidth is generally 0. ~ cm, texture between woven and knitted elastic band, the variety of varieties more monotonous, more used for clothing.Elastic
     There are two main methods for the coloring of elastic bands, one is the most widely used staining (conventional staining), the main is to put the ribbon in the chemical dye solution treatment. Another way is to use paints to make tiny, insoluble colored particles of paint to adhere to the fabric. Dye is a complex organic substance, it has a lot of kinds.Elastic
     Acid dyes, more suitable for protein fiber and nylon fiber and silk and so on. It is characterized by bright color, but poor washing degree, excellent dry cleaning, in the natural dying dyeing is widely used. cationic dyes (alkaline fuel), suitable for acrylic, polyester, nylon and fiber and protein fiber. It is characterized by bright color, very suitable for man-made fibers, but for natural fibrin and protein fabric washed and light chroma is very poor. Direct dyes, suitable for cellulose fiber fabrics, washing fastness is poor, different, but after the modified direct dye its washing chroma will be very good improvement. Disperse dyes, suitable for viscose, acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc., washing fastness, polyester better, viscose poor.Elastic
      Azo fuel (Nafplion dye), suitable for cellulose fabrics, bright color, more suitable for gorgeous color. Reactive dyes, mostly used in cellulose fiber fabrics, are less used in proteins. Characterized by bright color, light resistance, washing, good resistance to friction. Sulphur dyes, suitable for cellulose fiber fabric, dark color, mainly navy, black and brown, light, water resistance is very good, poor resistance to chlorine bleaching, long-term storage of fabric will damage the fiber. The reduction of dyes, suitable for cellulose fiber fabric, light, washing degree is very good, and resistant to chlorine bleaching and other oxidation bleaching. Paint, suitable for all fibers, it is not a dye, but through the resin mechanical adhesion fiber, dark fabric will harden, but the color is very accurate, most of the good photometric, good water, especially in the light. The elastic band is used as a kind of textile, the basic textile all uses the dye above.Elastic