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The Inevitability Of The Development Of Fly Knit
Sep 18, 2017

     No need for traditional stitching, stitching, through a shoe machine can complete the weaving of a pair of uppers, this subversion of traditional shoe manufacturing technology, attracting the attention of many people in the industry. The purchasing team of the big brand Shoe enterprises, in the past year or two, has been running in the shoe-making center, looking for the shoe material supplier that can provide this vamp. Facing such a huge potential market.Fly knit

     Many shoe owners are tempted, but only some of them are brave enough to invest and develop. Behind this contradiction of supply and demand, is the "Sweater Machine Transformation Upper Machine" of Cross-border integration. Whether it is the size of the shoe or the quality of the stability, in this unprecedented exploration of the exposure or large or small problems. In the eyes of the industry, the convergence of these two technologies still takes some time. Explore deeper, the shoe industry chain needs to face, or traditional cutting technology, how to the digital era of change.Fly knit

    Domestic shoe brands are ambitious for the Jinjiang market. The upper part of the machine is just a miniature of the whole knitting industry chain. When we all also focus on the field of mechanical weaving, a keen entrepreneur has shifted the vision to the production of fly-woven uppers, enterprises have launched their own flying woven upper. And the upstream of the industry chain: yarn, also began to be involved. Unlike traditional knitting, the yarns needed for "full knit uppers" are not ordinary yarns, but "hot melt" that provides a hard surface. Fly knit

    At present, Quanzhou has a lot of shoe material suppliers to sell "hot melt wire", the cost is more expensive. In the face of such a huge raw material market, shoe suppliers have invested in technology research and development, lower cost of "domestic hot melt silk."Fly knit