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The Importance Of Environmental Webbing
Sep 18, 2017

     Formaldehyde is a toxic substance that is harmful to the protoplasm of biological cells. It can be combined with proteins in the organism, altering the structure of proteins and solidifying them. Formaldehyde-containing textiles in the use of the process will gradually release free formaldehyde, through the human respiratory tract and skin contact, respiratory tract mucosa and skin generated a strong stimulation, causing inflammation of the respiratory tract and dermatitis. Long-term role will cause gastroenteritis, hepatitis, finger and toenail pain. In addition, formaldehyde to the eyes also have a strong stimulation, generally when the atmosphere of formaldehyde concentration of 4. When 00mg/kg, people's eyes will feel unwell.Webbing

     It has been proved by clinic that formaldehyde is a significant inducing substance of many kinds of allergies and may induce cancer. The formaldehyde in fabric is mainly from the finishing process of fabric. For example, used as crosslinking agent in crease-resistant finishing of cellulose fiber, in order to improve the fastness to wet rubbing in direct dyes or reactive dyes dyeing of cotton fabric, the anion resin containing formaldehyde was arranged.Webbing

     Natural plant fiber, such as cotton, will be used in planting a variety of pesticides, such as pesticides, herbicides, deciduous agents, fungicides and so on. It is necessary to use pesticides in cotton cultivation, which will seriously affect the yield and quality of the fiber if the pests and weeds are not controlled. There is a statistic that if all cotton plants in the United States are banned from pesticides, cotton production across the United States will fall by 73%. Obviously this is unthinkable.Webbing

     Some of the pesticides used during the cotton growth process are absorbed by the fibres, although most of the absorbed pesticides in the textile processing process are removed, but there is still a possibility that some of them will remain in the final product. Webbing

     These pesticides have different toxicity to human body, and are related to the amount of residue on textiles, some of which are absorbed by human body and have considerable toxicity to human body. However, if the fabric is fully cooked, it can effectively remove the residual pesticides/herbicides and other harmful substances in the fabric.Webbing