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The Development Of Webbing
Jul 27, 2017

             After the yarn meridian Tube and weft forming the weft tube are inserted in the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, the weft tube is pivoted along the 8-zigzag track to weave the yarn with each other. Usually the number of spindles is even, woven into a tube-like, the number of spindles is odd, woven into a flat strip. Ingot weaving process in the old China began to apply, the number of spindles due to different equipment, generally 9~100 spindles, the basic process of weaving is: bleaching and dyeing-weft-weaving-fall machine open shears-packaging.Webbing

             Since 1960, the weaving machine has made several technological innovations, such as enlarging the diameter of the peach plate, installing the automatic stopping device of the rubber bars, and changing the iron ingots to nylon spindles. The improvement of these equipments makes the speed increase to 160~190/min, the stand rate is increased 1 time times and the product quality is greatly improved. Weaving can not only ribbon, but also weaving rope. Tubular belt is a braided rope, the diameter of the $number cm rope or rope line, the diameter of more than 4 cm is called rope, the diameter of more than 40 cm is generally known as cable or cable. 1989, the industry introduced the Japanese stereotyped cable production line equipment, in the following production of polypropylene stereotyped cable, the product won the national silver.Webbing

            The 70 's, knitted warp knitting, weft knitting technology, has been widely used in webbing. 1973, the successful trial-manufacture of knitted nylon wide belt. 1982, began to introduce Italian crochet machine, advanced technology, a wide range of production, particularly to adapt to the thin decorative fabrics, such as lace, elastic bands, window screens, decorative belts and so on. Basic process: bleaching-dyeing-winding-weaving-ironing-packaging.Webbing