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The Classification Of Elastic
Jun 30, 2017

    Elastic band first appeared in 1812 a hat factory, called the Elastic belt round cap, but the actual use of spring and steel wire frame. And the real invention of the elastic belt is the accidental invention of a chemist Masentos and inventor Hancock in the experiment to extract the rubber concentration in 1820. Masentos first used the characteristics of rubber, put rubber between two layers of fabric and invented waterproof adhesive tape. Hancock obtained the original elastic band patent in 1820, and his elastic band was actually used as a rubber band for clothes or boots, fastened with glue. People use elastic to replace the spiral copper wire for straps, gloves, and women's corsets, which is very suitable, and does not wear clothes or long patina like steel wire springs.Elastic
   Fabrics can be plain, heavy, twill, double, after the two-weight and jacquard and other organizations. Woven elastic belt with a close texture, variety, widely used in clothing cuffs, hem, bra, socks, waist, waist, shoes, as well as physical fitness and medical tension, handicrafts, office stationery, industrial supplies, household goods and other products. Elastic band (Elastic band) it as a garment accessories, especially suitable for underwear, trousers, baby clothing, sweaters, sportswear, rhyme clothing, wedding dresses, t-shirts, hats, bust, masks and other clothing products; its use of fabrics can be plain, heavy, twill, double, two-weight and jacquard and other organizations. Woven elastic belt with a close texture, variety, widely used in clothing cuffs, hem, bra, socks, trousers, waist, shoe mouth, as well as physical protection and medical tension and so on.Elastic
   Woven elastic band also known as spindle elastic Band, warp through the spindle around the rubber wire according to the "8" zigzag track weaving. With body lines are herringbone, the bandwidth is generally 0. ~ cm, texture between woven and knitted elastic band, the variety of varieties more monotonous, more used for clothing. According to the general classification can be divided into the following several. The motion elastic Band-is made up of the yarn meridian Tube, and the weft is formed after inserted in the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, the weft tube is moved along the 8 zigzag track, which is interspersed with the traction yarn. Medical Supplies Elastic Belt--------ph value between weak acidity and neutral, will not cause the skin itch, does not destroy the skin nominal weak acidic environment jacquard polyester. Nylon Confused elastic Band--in dry, wet conditions of elasticity and wear resistance are good, the size is firm, shrinkage rate is small, is very good clothing supporting materials. The wide elastic Band-is a flat sheet elastic band woven by the pulling yarns and the number of the spindles is odd. Color strip Rigid belt-can single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, elastic band, ribbon feel excellent, beautiful color, do not wear cloth. Jacquard belt J-----W with a unique pattern, infinite transformation elements are breaking through the traditional ribbon is only decorative function, in the dress collocation style and efficacy with the brand soul seamless integration. Printing elastic band J-----W is in the elastic band printed on different patterns and patterns, with different bottom bands, resulting in different results, change thousands, including heat transfer and silk printing/Guangzhou star website system to do. The elastic Band-adopts warp knitting method. The warp in the hook needle or the role of the tongue needle, the sleeve into a chain, the line of latitude in the chain, the dispersed root of the chain into the band, rubber wire by the chain, or by two sets of parallels.Elastic