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Hook And Loop Tape You Know The Nature Of Spring
Sep 07, 2017

     Stretching spring applications include cassette tape players, balances, garage doors, washing machines, etc. There are different types of tensioning devices depending on the need. The end of various types is used to attach the force source of the stretching spring. Most of the initial tension is due to stretching the spring coil. It is an internal force that keeps the coils tightly clasped together. The measured initial force is just beginning to separate the coils. A stretching spring with a compression spring, which has a load of zero at 0 deflection, can have a prelude at 0 deflection.Hook And Loop
     At this time, the load, called the initial tension, can be changed within a certain range, reducing the increase in elastic index. Within the range of stress, there can be no problem holding any spring index. If the designer needs no initial tension, he should design the spring to stretch the space between the spring and the coil. With a compression spring, the tensile projectile stops without a fixed stretch, so a length limit is required to prevent overloading. Because of this design the stress level is lower than the compression-stretching spring. A special type of stretching spring is called a lever spring, and it has a solid block that is a compression spring with a special hook type.Hook And Loop
     In order to obtain a tensile spring with a large initial stress, a special coiling method for adjusting torsion can be adopted many times in the coiling system. The overlapping method is one of them, its winding method is roughly: First, the wire is wound into the coil spring which is opposite to the required helix direction, and a certain steel wire elbow is left, and then the helix direction and outer diameter of the desired screw are then made. In the coiling system, attention is given to the control of the clamping device to form a certain tension, so that the tensile spring with a large initial stress is made.Hook And Loop
     The stress annealing temperature and the holding time of the helical tensile spring have great influence on the initial tensile force of the spring, the temperature is low and the time is short, then the initial tensile force of the retaining is large; is the experimental value of the relationship between the annealing temperature and the initial tension. Generally can be selected in the range of 200-300 ℃, insulation 20-30 points. If you need to retain a larger initial tension, the temperature can be as low as 180 ℃. It should be pointed out that the initial tensile force should be the coil spring, the stress annealing temperature only plays an auxiliary role.Hook And Loop