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Hook And Loop Hand-made
Aug 21, 2017

       Improved hooks for hook-and-loop fasteners, especially molded plastic hooks for use with low rings. Hook-and-loop fastener technology is known, wherein the fastener comprises two strips which can be separated, and a velvet head connected with each other on the strip surface. One of the velvet heads has several annular elements, while the other has a hook-shaped element that can interact to form a separable connection.Hook And Loop
      This type of head fastener is widely used in places where it is easy to open and close, for example, for clothing, footwear, furniture, medical supplies, car fasteners and many other industrial establishments, where separate or permanent connections are required. United States Patent US-3, 009, $number, US-3, 083, $number, US-3, 154,837 the various forms of separable strips of wool-head buckles are disclosed, which are made from basic textile processing technologies such as fibers for synthetic polymers such as nylon fibers. This processing method creates a substrate fabric in which the surface of the velvet head is woven into which the surface of the pile can be connected to form a latching mechanism. For a long time, the use of molded plastic processing technology to create special hook materials, in the molding strip, and then make the hook and the bottom belt molding as a whole.Hook And Loop
      A hook used in a hook-and-loop fastener system, which includes a bottom layer, a pillar whose lower end is connected to the bottom and a pillar having an outer and an inner side; a hook rod having a first end and a hook tip, and a first end connected to a pillar, the hook rod extends upward from the pillar and bends downward toward the base with a fairly smooth curve and bends to the tip of the hook; the hook has a width, a height, and a displacement volume, which is characterized in that the displacement volume of the hook is a rectangular parallelepiped volume with a bottom surface Hook And Loop
      First, second side, first, second end face, and top surface, which is parallel to the bottom and tangent to the hook tip, the top surface is parallel to the bottom and tangent to the top of the hook, where the tangent point is at the farthest distance from the bottom of the hook bar the side is coincident with the side of the hook, the first end face is perpendicular to the bottom surface and intersects with the bottom surface at the outside of the pillar, the second end face is perpendicular to the bottom surface and tangent to the distal part of the hook tip 10-5 cubic centimeters.Hook And Loop