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Fly Weave Shoes
Aug 10, 2017

               April Jinjiang Shoe Expo, Anta released a breathing Nets 2.0 sneakers, the shoe became the representative of the domestic flying shoe technology. It is reported that the use of a full range of breathable air knitting, can effectively speed up the foot of the heat dissipation, at the same time, in the process of breathing nets weaving, Anta selected a similar scale of the mesh hole, a good way to enhance the ventilation effect. The knitting technique is used to allow 1 centimeters of error on clothes, and the shoe's error must be controlled within 1 mm. Anta's team must work with the machine manufacturers to improve the production process to reduce the error rate within 1 millimeters. In addition, breathing nets 2.0 running shoes are more expensive than ordinary materials, anta through the optimization technology, reduce the process of cutting down a lot of manufacturing costs, ordinary uppers have more than 20 procedures, breathing Nets 2.0 upper process is reduced to five or six road.Fly weave

               It is reported that six months past, Anta's new shoes, also produced a decent report card. Anta related director revealed that the current shoe has become a single category of the highest sales of products. And the industry revealed that Anta's sales rate of this shoe more than 70%. Not only Anta, including the horse, special step, 361 degrees and other sports shoes brand, but also in this year into the fly-woven shoes research and development, there are several fly-woven shoes to launch the market.Fly weave

               In the form of a category, companies have begun to focus on the operation of fly-woven shoes. Recently, Quanzhou still passers-by shoes Technology Co., Ltd. got the "Feizhi" this trademark. "Our position is professional research and development to produce and sell flying woven uppers and fly-woven shoes, become the most competitive fly-woven uppers suppliers." "The company's general manager Chen told reporters that at present, they have mastered the fly-woven uppers from raw yarn production and finishing of the core technology, is currently trial production, October will formally put into operation, plans to invest 500 sets of knitting machine, the annual output of up to 5 million pairs.Fly weave