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Elastic The Origin Of
May 18, 2017

Elastic belt is also called elastic line, rubber rib line, fine points can be used as the bottom line of garment accessories, especially suitable for underwear, trousers, infant clothing, sweaters, sportswear, maternity, t-shirts, hats, underwear, masks and other apparel products. can also do tag line, daily necessities handicrafts jewelry, toy stationery can also DIY handmade line very wide use!

I. Elastic Origins

Elastic The elastic band was first appeared in a Hat factory in 1812, called the elastic band round cap, but actually used springs and steel wires. And the real invention of the elastic band is the chemist Masentos and inventor Hancock in 1820 in the extraction of rubber concentrations in the experiment of unexpected inventions. Masentos first used the characteristics of rubber, put rubber between two layers of fabrics and invented waterproof adhesive tape. Hancock was originally patented in 1820, and his elastic band was actually a rubber strap for clothes or boots and glued with glue.

1876, the elastic band was applied to women's underwear, the same year published a ribbon article, said: "In Paris to see a number of recent inventions, one of which is the use of rubber-made elastic bands." People use the elastic to replace the shoulder straps, gloves and women's tight chest clothing spiral copper wire, it is very suitable, not like the steel wire spring broken clothes or long patina. ”

Elastic Second, according to the general classification can be divided into the following

Sports elastic Band, is by the yarn meridian Drum, winding weft formation of the tube, inserted in the Knitting machine fixed rack, the weft tube along the 8-shaped orbit rotation move, traction yarn with each other interwoven weaving.

Medical supplies Elastic band, its ph value in the weak acidic and neutral, will not cause the skin itching, will not destroy the skin of the nominal weak acidic environment jacquard polyester.

Elastic Nylon Confusion Elastic belt, it in the wet and dry conditions of elasticity and wear resistance are good, the size is firm, the shrinkage is small, is very good clothing auxiliary information.

Wide elastic Band, it is the traction yarn cross knitting and the number of spindles are odd-shaped flat elastic bands woven.

Elastic Color strip rigid belt, can be one-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, elastic band, weaving belt feel very good, color and delicate, not grinding wound cloth. Juhei, twill, double, warp and jacquard and other organizations.

Elastic Woven elastic Belt texture more tightly jacquard sub belt, with a unique pattern, infinite change elements are breaking through the traditional ribbon is only decorative features, in the costumes with the efficacy of the style and brand soul seamless integration into one.

Elastic Printing elastic band, is in the elastic band printed on different patterns and patterns, with different bottoms, produce different results, change thousands, including heat transfer printing and silk printing.

Elastic Color Stripe elastic Band, the Warp Knitting method is used to weave. Warp stitch or tongue needle under the action, set up chain, weft lining in each chain, the scattered all the root chain link into bands, rubber silk from the chain wrapped, or by two groups of weft clamp.

Elastic Anti-slip elastic belt, with high strength, strong impact resistance, not easy to break, elastic band JIU Qing Enterprise Society, good heat resistance, good wear resistance and so on.

Elastic Polyester elastic band, is knitted (weft knitting, warp knitting) or woven processing of fantasy raw materials, suitable for the manufacture of apparel fabrics, bedding, and decoration supplies.

Elastic Clamp elastic Band, adopt Jingwei woven, rely on the circle yarn in the process of the circle, the use of the circle yarn of the cylinder and the settlement arc, the yarn is not interwoven yarn and weft into a whole, and become lined with the clamp rope.

Elastic Niukon Elastic Band, also known as the elastic belt or adjustable elastic band. The main ingredients are latex silk, low elastic silk, individual for pregnant women, children's clothing, such as adjustable size.

III. Material selection

Elastic Material selection of production: in the attention to green life today, elastic band tends to choose non-toxic harmless TPU as raw materials. And can be added to auxiliary high-bomb additives to enhance their elasticity.