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Elastic Band Use
Jul 27, 2017

              Elastic belt: As garment accessories, especially suitable for underwear, trousers, baby clothing, sweaters, sportswear, rhyme clothing, wedding dresses, t-shirts, hats, bust, masks and other clothing products.Elastic

              A narrow band fabric having longitudinal elongation and elastic properties. Also known as the wide tight belt. According to weaving methods are divided into: ① woven elastic belt. By cotton or chemical fiber for warp, weft, the same group of rubber wire (latex wire or spandex silk) combined, according to a certain pattern of interwoven. The use of plain weave, twill, double-layer, double and jacquard fabric, such as fabrics. Woven elastic Belt, a wide variety, widely used in clothing, shoes, socks, as well as sports, medical and so on. ② Knitted Elastic Band. The nylon stretch is used as raw material, and the weft knitting method is woven. The warp in the crochet hook or the role of the tongue needle, the sleeve into a chain, the line of latitude in the chain, the root of the chain connected to the belt, rubber wire by the chain wrapped or sandwiched in two groups of parallels. Knitted elastic with pattern, color bar, Crescent Edge and other forms, texture soft, more for women's underwear. ③ Braided Elastic Band. Also known as the spindle woven elastic band. Warp through the spindle around the rubber wire according to the "8" word of the track woven, elastic band surface is a herringbone pattern. Variety of single, more for clothing.Elastic

              Material selection production: In the green environmental protection of life today, the elastic band tends to choose non-toxic harmless TPU as raw materials. And can be added to the auxiliary high elasticity additive to enhance its flexibility.Elastic