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Elastic Band Specific Classification
Jun 16, 2017

     According to the weaving method is divided into woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, woven elastic band. Woven elastic band from the cotton or chemical fiber for the warp, weft, and a group of rubber silk (latex or spandex) according to a certain law intertwined. The knitted elastic band is woven by warp weft insertion method. Warp under the action of the needle or tongue, nested into a chain, weft lining in the chain of the chain, the scattered knots connected to each band, rubber wire by the chain wrapped, or by two sets of latitude Hold. Knitted elastic band can weave a variety of small patterns, color and crescent edge, soft texture, the majority of raw materials using nylon stretch yarn, the products are mostly used for women's bra and underwear. Knitting elastic band, also known as spindle spinning belt, warp through the spindle around the rubber wire by "8" shaped track woven from. With body lines were chevron, the bandwidth is generally 0.3 to 2 cm, texture between the woven and knitted elastic band, the color varieties are more monotonous, mostly for clothing.Elastic

    According to the general classification can be divided into the following. Sports elastic band -------- is the yarn through the winding tube, weft forming weft tube, inserted in the knitting machine fixed tooth seat, weft tube along the 8-shaped track to move to pull the yarn interspersed with each other weaving . Medical supplies elastic band ---- the ph value between weak acidity and neutral, will not cause skin itching, will not damage the skin name of the weak acid environment jacquard polyester. Nylon mixed with elastic band ------- in the dry and wet conditions, flexibility and wear resistance are good, solid size, shrinkage is small, is a good clothing auxiliary information. Wide elastic band ------- - is a flat sheet-like elastic band woven with traction yarns crossed with each other and an odd number of strands. Ribbon Rigid Band -------- can be single jacquard or double jacquard, elastic band, ribbon feel excellent, color and tenderness, do not wear clothing. Unique pattern, infinite change elements are breaking through the traditional ribbon is only decorated function, in the dress with style and function with the brand soul seamless integration. Elastic

   Printing elastic band --------- is printed on the elastic band of different patterns and patterns, with different base belt, resulting in different results, change thousands, including hot transfer printing and silk printing / Guangzhou Star website make. The color of the elastic band -------- use warp weft weaving measures woven into the line through the needle or tongue under the action of the needle, knitting into a chain, weft lining in the chain of the chain, the scattered Root chain chain into a belt, rubber wire wrapped by the chain, or by two sets of weft grip. Non-slip elastic belt -------- has a high strength, impact resistance is strong, not easy to break, elastic belt Jiuqing enterprise, good heat resistance, good wear resistance and so on. Polyester Elastic Strap -------- is the knitting (weft, warp) or woven processing of the fantasy raw materials, suitable for the manufacture of clothing fabrics, bedding, and decorations, etc. Clamps elastic band ------- - take the latitude and longitude weaving, relying on the loop into the loop in the process, the use of the circle of yarn and the sinking of the arc, the non-woven warp and weft into a whole, and become lining the latitude of the lathe. New York elastic band -------- also known as button elastic belt or adjust the elastic band. The main raw material for the latex silk, low elastic yarn, used for maternity clothing, children's clothing and other adjustable size.Elastic