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Correct Use Of Hook And Loop
Jun 30, 2017

    The hook ring is also called the buckle ring, often called the main lock or the iron barium, is a freely open and closed metal ring, used to connect the climber and the main rope, protector, noose and rack on the rock to ensure the point of the tool, there are lock hook ring and no lock fishing ring, there are lock hook ring and manual lock hook ring and automatic lock hook ring. Hook-and-loop (main lock) nails are different in shape, size and locking system, each of which has a corresponding purpose. A symmetrical hook-ring used to connect pulleys or other tools. An asymmetrical hook ring used for connecting to a seat belt or at the end of a cable. A pear-shaped hook ring used to place several ropes, slings, or any tool that facilitates the use of Munter knots. 1O hook-and-loop (Ovals): Symmetrical shape, very widely used, very popular. $unit hook-and-loop (Dcarabiners): Stronger than O-hook ring, suitable for general use.Hook And Loop
    3 Curved mouth Hook ring (Bent-Gate Carabiners): The curved hook ring must be used with the belt ring to flip easily, generally for the difficult climbing line. 4 Iron wire Gate hook ring (Wire Gate Carabiners): Lighter weight, solid openings. 5 has the lock hook ring (Locking Carabiners): The opening end has the lock sleeve to be possible to tighten, reduces the opening unexpectedly opens the possibility, adds the security. Also divided into automatic and manual lock hook ring two. 6 pear-shaped nail lock hook ring (Per-Shaped Locking Carabiner): At the opening end of the special length, more suitable for making Italian half buckle to ensure and use in the connection rope and safety belt.Hook And Loop
    Wire clasp hook ring in the fastening screws can make the lock locks in the closed state, to avoid the risk of inadvertent collision. Ordinary hook-and-loop without wire buckle device, light weight, easy to operate, can be used for temporary protection points, if the use of ordinary fishing ring for fixed protection, must follow the double hook ring and the use of the door to open the principle of the longitudinal tensile strength of the C hook-ring is greater than the transverse tensile force, the hook-and-loop door open, The hook-and-loop door is the weakest link and cannot be directly subjected to force.Hook And Loop
    The correct use method is to keep the hook-and-loop door closed to the longitudinal force. Avoid a drop in the air or a hard object causing internal rifts to void the hook ring. Pioneer climbing and other possible crashes, the climber should directly connect the main rope and seat belt, can not use hook-and-loop as an intermediate link. Should use UIAA or CE-certified hook ring, do not use the unknown hook ring. The soiled hook ring can be dipped in the hub with solvents or lubricants, and then repeatedly switch the hook ring until the operation is smooth, then soak the ring into boiling water for about 20 seconds to remove the detergent.