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Analysis On The Prospect Of China 's Webbing Industry
Jun 06, 2017

    At present, the development rate of China's ribbon products has been increasing, the market cycle of new products has been continuously compressed, the pace of the market has been accelerated, and the garment industry has continuously improved the requirements of the weaving industry, and the price of the ordinary ribbon is close to the cost. The profit margins are getting smaller and smaller, so the positioning of the product should also be placed on the functional above.

    However, due to changes in the pattern of market supply and demand, requiring the ribbon industry functional product market share continues to increase. Will be the development of the industry caused by the following two aspects:

    1. Ribbon industry product structure began to gradually adjust the product multi-functional ratio in the upgrade;

    2. Ribbon industry capacity expansion difficulties, business survival difficult. Because of the functionalization of the ribbon machine equipment, technology, management put forward higher requirements, not only need a larger financial support, the demand for talent is also increasingly important.

    Although the Chinese ribbon production capacity, but the Chinese textile industry in the world is still in the low-end, low export rate, sample processing more profit margins. The demand for high-end products is increasing, and the barriers to technical trade are facing challenges. Therefore, we must speed up the technological reform, cultivate our own brands and improve our products. In order to improve the quality of our products, Added value, which is an urgent need to solve the problem.

    China's mainland is the world's largest ribbon consumption market, so China's ribbon industry prospects, of course, full of competition. China has a large number of cheap labor and raw materials for the ribbon business has brought irreplaceable cost competitiveness, but also to foreign companies have set up factories in the mainland. China's ribbon manufacturers to clear the future development of the ribbon industry, in the development of the domestic market at the same time, to further accelerate the pace of entry into Europe and the United States market. A variety of yarn as raw materials made of ribbon or tubular fabric equipment is the ribbon machine, including high-speed shuttleless belt machine, computer jacquard machine, hook woven belt machine, high-speed travel machine.

   High-speed shuttleless belt machine is a new type of woven woven shuttleless machine, which can be based on user requirements, the production of various types of elastic and nonelastic belt class; computer jacquard ribbon machine is a computer through the flower plate control system can Weaving a more complex jacquard belt of the ribbon machine, a variety of ribbon machines are with the needs of consumers of the ribbon products invented, and each kind of ribbon machine are specifically used in the production of certain products, And with the diversification of product development.

With the continuous development of the ribbon products, the ribbon machine is also modified, conform to the improvement of product style, in the ribbon industry, the steady development of a good form of change towards the more diversified development of the road ahead.