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Analysis Of The Related Knowledge Of Webbing
Aug 21, 2017

       First said that the printing ribbon is what, often said that the printing ribbon, in fact, is to ink slurry, foam and so on some substances. Through a certain printing process, transfer printing bonded to the surface of the ribbon, so as to form the need for graphics and text logo, flower patterns. Therefore, ribbon printing is also a type of printing ribbon. Printing Ribbon is a general term including many printing processes, such as screen printing, that is, silk printing, thermal transfer printing, water-based printing, hot stamping and so on, are called printing ribbon. Ribbon manufacturers to conduct a large number of inspection, according to the customer's physical samples for the production of printing ribbon, shipping fast, good quality.Webbing
      Look at his appearance, whether we look at people or see things, the first impression is very important, this is from the eyes passed over. We first look at the surface  of the ribbon is smooth and tidy, if it looks hairy, give us the impression that the ribbon is certainly not handled well, the quality is certainly not good, in fact, it is indeed so. Lattice ribbon of the two sides, is the line, the production side of the large, side of the phenomenon of small, this process, called the size side, belongs to the defective product. Generally not noticed. And we can under normal circumstances to measure the width of different parts of the Ribbon, the error is too large, the quality is not good, general error within 1mm, particularly narrow, such as 3mm, 6mm error will be controlled in 0.Webbing
     We see a ribbon, will pick up, careful observation, to get the hands of the ribbon of the hand feeling has a general judgment. If the general ribbon, feel good, smooth touch, tensile overall shape to maintain consistency, the quality is relatively better. But there are also some webbing can not be judged by the touch, such as gold, silver onion belt itself is rough, and the texture of the ribbon is different, its touch will be different. We buy the Ribbon will certainly have a large part of the need for printing and processing, carefully look at the printing pattern is solid, whether it can adapt to the needs of their products.Webbing
     Ribbon color fastness, but any textile, if there are different colors, must be used to color fastness, we from him in the ordinary circumstances touched the white paper will fade, in the case of washing whether it will fade, in the case of high-temperature washing whether to fade, to determine the quality of the ribbon, and in the case of acid and alkali will fade, such as saliva is a little bit acidic, you can test, generally does not fade for adults or children do not hurt. The weight of the ribbon, different weights represent the amount of material used for so many webbing, and the amount of material represents the cost of production.Webbing